Emblems & Song


Green and Pink


Pink Rosebud

Club Song

Sung to the tune of "Love's Old Sweet Song"

Verse 1

Once in the dear old days we now recall,

Beginning days that mean so much to all,

Love touched the hearts of women true and strong;

Now we would praise them in our Club's own song. 

On the foundations that they laid so well

Grew beauteous things of which we would tell.

Verse 2

In the beginning, watching for the light

Longing to do just what was best and right,
Guidance was given as faith led the way, 

Higher achievements theirs from day to day;

And in time their footsteps we have followed near


Seeds ofloving service, Sown through faithful days 

As they've grown in beauty, We all sing in praise; 

Love and light and gladness, All of these we claim 

All of these we scatter, In our Club's name

In our Club's dear name.